Our Mission & Vision

Mission of our school

The child will-

  • Have high quality learning experiences to achieve their goals
  • Be expected to develop highest standard of behaviour and take care of the school environment all the time.

School will –

  • Ensure that the focus remains on the learning of the child
  • Work in a positive and supportive learning community
  • Provide safe and sound environment in the complex of the school
  • Develop the skill and capacity of the child to raise their standard in all respects
  • Continue to develop beneficial links with local, regional and community enterprise


  • Learning is a lifelong process and teaching-learning is the chief priority of the school
  • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process
  • A safe, comfortable and nurturing environment promotes student learning
  • The quality of education depends upon the quality of teachers in the classroom
  • Relationship of mutual respect enhances teaching and learning

Vision of our school

Our vision highlights our teaching and learning. We aim to empower students to acquire – Responsibility, creativity and critical thinking through their all round development based on the practical and theoretical knowledge gathered in the school environment.